Obama to work through ‘shellacking’


U.S. President Barack Obama struck a conciliatory tone Wednesday, taking responsibility for the slow pace of economic progress the day after Republicans walloped Democrats, winning a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and raking in major wins in senatorial and gubernatorial races.


Tea party movement alienating young voters

The tea party is failing to woo young voters despite a loose structure that could make it easier for those under 30 to achieve leadership roles, analysts and political activists say as the grass-roots movement prepares to flex its muscles in midterm elections.


War veterans hold different views of midterms


Many active-duty and retired service members who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq say they’ve withdrawn from politics because of their experiences. Others find themselves in the center of today’s political battlefield.


Cohen volunteer pays drunk man for petition signatures


Just when Scott Lee Cohen’s push to get on the 2010 gubernatorial ballot seemed that it couldn’t get any weirder, it did. The latest twist includes a curbside argument over money, an allegation that a woman paid someone to lie to a reporter, and an admission by that woman she gave an inebriated man money for signatures he had collected earlier.


Untrained petition-passers recruited from street to get signatures for Cohen

They say they don’t know who Scott Lee Cohen is, why he’s running for governor or who his opponents are.
They don’t know who can legally sign a petition. But that’s not stopping people hired off the street on behalf of the Cohen campaign from collecting petition signatures for a dollar each.


Campaign 2010 in Illinois: What to expect

With the 2010 general election less than six months away, activists on the left and right are gearing up for a heated midterm fight. This graphic previews the strategies, issues and voter groups both sides will be targeting in the coming months as they work for ballot box victory in November.


Illinois petition law perfectly unclear

The entrance of Scott Lee Cohen into the race for Illinois governor as an independent candidate has exposed a gaping gray area in state election law: Whether people who voted in the primary election can still sign an independent candidate’s petition in the general election.


Tea party trying to shed reputation as racist, uncivil, fringe


Underneath the flurry of potent emotions ignited by every mention of the tea party, underneath the rhetoric and talking points, underneath the posters, protests and pundits, there is a movement anxiously trying to reinvent itself — and stepping on its own toes in the process.