NJ unions borrowing images from tea party playbook

TRENTON, N.J. – The protest outside the New Jersey Statehouse had all the usual trappings of a tea party rally: colonial costumes, allusions to governments infringing on rights and rattlesnake-emblazoned Gadsden flags reading “Don’t tread on me.” But this was no tea party. It was a union demonstration.


GOP’s DeMint and Pence Tout Permanent-Tax-Cuts-For-All Bill

A pair of prominent Republicans — one from the Senate, the other from the House – on Thursday called for a permanent extension of tax cuts at all income levels, just as a vigorous floor debate was under way about Democratic legislation to extend tax relief for just the middle class.


Tea party movement alienating young voters

The tea party is failing to woo young voters despite a loose structure that could make it easier for those under 30 to achieve leadership roles, analysts and political activists say as the grass-roots movement prepares to flex its muscles in midterm elections.


Campaign 2010 in Illinois: What to expect

With the 2010 general election less than six months away, activists on the left and right are gearing up for a heated midterm fight. This graphic previews the strategies, issues and voter groups both sides will be targeting in the coming months as they work for ballot box victory in November.


Tea party trying to shed reputation as racist, uncivil, fringe


Underneath the flurry of potent emotions ignited by every mention of the tea party, underneath the rhetoric and talking points, underneath the posters, protests and pundits, there is a movement anxiously trying to reinvent itself — and stepping on its own toes in the process.


2 tea party groups ready for tax day protest at Daley Plaza


As Chicagoans scramble to file last-minute tax returns by the deadline Thursday, tea party activists will be protesting what they see as out of control government spending and infringements on individual liberty. Their message on health care reform will be succinct: “Repeal it. Replace Congress.” The protests at Daley Plaza will be among at least 17 tea party events taking place throughout Illinois on tax day.