2 tea party groups ready for tax day protest at Daley Plaza


As Chicagoans scramble to file last-minute tax returns by the deadline Thursday, tea party activists will be protesting what they see as out of control government spending and infringements on individual liberty. Their message on health care reform will be succinct: “Repeal it. Replace Congress.” The protests at Daley Plaza will be among at least 17 tea party events taking place throughout Illinois on tax day.


NATO leader says Afghan alliance strong, progress on horizon

The Secretary General of NATO pushed back Thursday against concerns that military resolve among allies in Afghanistan is weakening and stressed that 2010 will be a year of progress. “I do realize that 2009 was a very difficult year and we experienced many setbacks in Afghanistan,” Anders Rasmussen acknowledged.


West Side congressman: Reforms won’t cut health care costs

Health care costs are unlikely to decrease despite reforms passed by Congress last month, Chicago congressman Danny Davis told constituents Wednesday night.